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September 2007

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Art: Phoenix fire

maiafay in gleam_child

The Scythe

Instead of posting about the Two Kings, I'll post the Scythe instead. These are the creatures we'll be dealing with throughout the series, and  what poor, poor Nathan will become this in the first book. Don't worry about being spoiled, the very first chapter has him this way as the story goes from present, to past, to present again.

Those that have read Rare Side Effects and Ashes, this is what Leon is a test drive for. While he doesn't possess everything here, he was my experiment in how I would play around with auras and so forth. Other factors that influenced this race were from the anime, Elfin Lied.

So I'll introduce the deadly and alluring:

Nicknames: (Creator’s blessing, Divine Chaos, Bane of all Myseborn, Gleam Children, Scythe’ling, Vessels)

Myse: Gleam, Holy

General: Humans who have been possessed by the Guardians of Yunshi’el.  The Scythe is one of two new races forged by the Cleaving and only humans are chosen as hosts.

Appearance: Varies, but once possessed by the Gleam, appearance is greatly enhanced. Gleam manifests with feather-like tendrils (called Ribbons) out the spine and shoulders of the human vessel. These are deceiving, as they give a soft and ethereal appearance, but in reality these can tear flesh to shreds and even cleave stone. Gleam can also negate most Myse except Black, cutting “through” spells and wards of other elements. However they can only absorb so much magic before it does begin hurting them. Most Gleam is pure gold, with pink and varying colors of orange. The Golds Gleam range varies, but some have a “span” of 6 meters or more, and in this range they are incredibly lethal.  

While this breed is common, but there are mentions of another type of Scythe, one that is both Gleam and Darkness...the Blues.

hungry, insane, sensual, and killing machines. They live for one thing only: to destroy the Scourge. (all things that are Darkness) The human is always Myseborn, but with a “seed” of the Guardian laying dormant within them. But once the human is exposed to Gleam, the “Voice” takes over, erasing the personality of the human and creating a hybrid mind of Guardian and host. They seek to rectify what “The Cleaving” released and eradicate all sources of the Black and Scourge they can find.  They are energy vampires. They need to feed off any source of Myse within reach, and through blood. And they do this with the tendrils along their spine. They absorb the energy through spilled blood, but are also know to “kiss” their victim to draw energy.  They can see auras of every Myseborn and know what elements of Myse they carry. Dark is most sought after, and this has led to the Black Wizards and White seeing eye to eye in regards to Scythe control and destruction.

While most Scythe are drawn to Black, they will take any element to appease their “hunger”.   This includes Nepherrie, Wizards and any Myseborn within range–and often with little thought of said victim. All that matters is the destruction of the Black. They have no conscience, no remorse when it comes to what they must do. They are highly sensual, but partake in each other to sate passions. They consider all other Myseborn food, and beneath them.

The Gleam: Their Gleam is coveted by all, not only for the healing/restorative/addictive properties of the pure light element, (after mollifying it of course) but Dark Nepherrie need it to keep the Vanessh under control.  Scythe blood is also in high demand for the Dark Nepherrie, as it is potent and keeps the hunger away longer. Morchrya also feed (enthusiastically I might add) on Scythes and are considered mortal enemies.

-- While the Gold Scythes have an ample supply of Gleam, they understandably, don't want to share. This has been rectified by rather crude practices by the Dark Nepherrie as they will arouse a Scythe against their will. In their climax (rather forced or not) there is a release of Gleam that is collected by all within the surrounding area. This is a pleasure/pain process, as Gold Gleam is potent and harsh (think scalding water as opposed the the warm bath the Blues emanate) to those who receive it. 

But while powerful, they do have their weaknesses. Their hunger gets the better of them, and the Gleam’s energy is easily tapped out unless they have a constant source to draw upon. Their passions are easily roused, and many are enticed by the Black, drawn to it. And many when first “awakened” are confused, frightened, and easily subdued with methods that use “sound” to disturb the Gleam and force it back into the “Vessel”.

A non-elemental attack
will also do great damage, but all myse is elemental based. This has led Alchemists from every race to devise ways of subduing the Scythe by the right combination of all elements. The non-element created by this tedious process is rare and precious. The name of this substance is called Pale (as it is colorless).
--Once a Scythe is subdued, a ward is placed along their spines to control the Gleam. This consists of a multi-elemental tattoo of intricate design. Other methods of control are collars infused with Pale. 

Morchrya, the Scythes mortal enemies, are known to tear the Gleam (and the spine with it) directly from the human body.
Once removed, the flesh rots as slowly or quickly depending on the strength of the Morchrya's Wake. Only the Morchrya can perform this brutal attack.

Society: No society per se, since many of these beings, while powerful, are slaves to the Dark Nepherrie and/or killed on sight by the Wizards. This puts the Wizards at odds with the Dark Nepherrie who need the Scythe’s energy to stave the symptoms of the Vanessh and to keep another species at bay, the Morchrya.

Blue Scythe: The Blue Scythe is a very different creature than the Gold. An enigma and aberration. Theories by the last leading Scribe (Rhynis Eld) on this subject, theorized that after the Cleaving, the Waves of Gleam and Scourge "crossed" at varying points as they swept over Iithia. The result of this rare diverging is a "Seed" touched by both dark and light.

 The human possessed by the Blue is thought “tainted” by the Golds, and is considered by them an outcast (they will even attempt to feed on a Blue!).

The human’s personality is still intact, but has the issue of duel Voices, one black, one light, constantly warring in his/her head.
These Voices can be stifled with control and practice, and a new Blue learns how to do so very quickly. The energy from the Blues is coveted by the Dark Nepherrie and Morchyra alike, as it is a perfect combination of black and light to keep the Vanessh at bay longer.  (Why this is so, is still a mystery to all) The Blue’s energy is weaker of that of its sister breed, and their Gleam range (meters) and ribbons are limited.  Blue Gleam does not have to be mollified or weakened to enjoy its benefits.

The Blues are also very rare, and only two are known to exist: "Hatsu" (yes, she's Japanese), the infamous twin that sealed the Stone King after he destroyed her sister,  and then walked Stairs of Woe in her grief (to never return) and Nathan Breen, a Myseborn from Earth Side.



Waaayy cool man! You've really made me like this universe you've created and I love everything to with it! Great pics too!!
Thanks, I edited this entry some to include auras, Dark Nepherrie practices, and why the Blues have better energy.

I love this species most, but the Morchrya come in a close second. They are next.
Forgive me the short commnet, it's 6.31am where I am and I'm quite tired. I just wanted to say the quality and beauty of your art never ceases to amaze me. It's wonderful.

Oh, thank you! I expect a full verbose comment when you are more awake!!

Lol jk.

These are just concept sketches...mostly to give everyone an idea what our little bundles of joy the Scythe look like. But than you :)
Nathan's hot...

Ah, we find out more about the Stairs of Woe! ~__~

I know that I'll probably sound a bit dumb when I say this, but it looks like the 'Gold' has a more fiery quality to it than 'Blue,' just by looking at the Ribbons... It also seems that even though Gleam is the Holy element, it tends to cause more of a chaotic personality and consequence. o_o Creepy.

But it's so pretty...
I think I state in the Blue section that they have fewer Ribbons, and less length. (Hence fewer pretty tendrils) They have a weaker power flow...so it's said. *snickers* but sometimes things have a way of surprising...

Yes, very chaotic, and glad someone is finally noticing that tone here. LOL...hardly anything has balance...'cept the Blue Scythe.

I know you said less strength, but I don't think less Ribbons were mentioned... But is it just me, or did you mean to make the Ribbons on the Blue Scythe more like wings than the Gold's?

Chaos rulez. Lol. I find it fascinating that not only is Darkness the chaos, but also that Holiness and Light can create destruction. I love it!
Beautiful artwork, lovie. It's really nice to get a visual of Nathan and what his body will possess.

So with there only being two Blue... that means a higher attraction to obtaining the human, right? *winks*

Morchrya, the Scythes mortal enemies, are known to tear the Gleam (and the spine with it) directly from the human body.

Knowing your level of vivid imagery, I can't wait to see that! Hopefully you write it. :)
Yes, he's in high demand...

And yes, I will write that, it's Etar's signature move :)
WOW!! Really fascinating!!! And you did the art too, great job. You have a very vivid, original imagination. A thing I wondered while reading about the golds was, if they have that tattoo, can it be overcome, and can the one who put the tattoo on, unleash the gleam by command?

Wow Nathan looks like a glowy, fantasy version of my boyfriend. With longer hair and less stubble. (And awesome Gleam).

The ribbons are so pretty! The Scythes seem so tragic; all beautiful but crazy and hunted. It does remind me a lot of Rare's Leon, except more dramatic and doomed.

The Morchyra scare me just from that little description!

The species and characters are so well-thought out and vibrant. Every one has their strengths and weaknesses. That's gotta make things interesting!

And the art is gorgeous! I love the expression of the Gold chick.
Thank you! I just posted a pic of a Morchrya, but I think I might revise...

I wanted Nathan kinda with an Orlandoish appearance--glad you think he's a hottie! (it sucks when the protagonist is ugly, lol.

Corr. Just read the previous few entries again as well as this one, and I gotta say this is sounding pretty damn interesting. A quick question, unless I missed something blantantly obvious. They have no ability to hide their gleam once it's been awakened, per se?
They, like the Morchrya I just posted, can retract their 'ribbons'. I have to edit this entry since I sorta have the details all over the place. Apologies for any confusion I caused!
Wow...that artwork's amazing! (Nathan's hot!)

The Scythe sound very interesting, and although they do bear a little bit of resemblance to the Diclonius - the ribbons kind of remind me of vectors :P - to me, they don't feel derivative at all. Good job!

I do feel sorry for Nathan...if I suddenly had Voices in my head, I think I'd go crazy.

Morchrya, the Scythes mortal enemies, are known to tear the Gleam (and the spine with it) directly from the human body.

I wrote a short story today, come see it if you like.