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Between Darkness and Chaos: A Novel

The war between Dark and Light
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An epic horror/fantasy series focusing on three worlds and the dangers that threaten them all.
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Between Darkness and Chaos introduces a young man whose life is changed forever in a course of one week. Everything he has known about the Real World is a lie; he discovers a secret society of people who possess extraordinary gifts and the ability to travel to a parallel world where magic is called by another name; where souls dreamwalk, wizards exist, and elements have voices.

Yet, this world has been at war. Long ago, a fey race had declared themselves superior to all others, and foremost to the human pilgrims who had been colonizing the western shores of their world. Introduced to black magic and desiring immortality, these fey did something unspeakable. The results of this horrific blunder have changed all races--natives and denizens alike--and have birthed two new species.

An exiled King rules one; his power and magic as corrosive as acid. His grief over a betrayal and thirst for vengeance have made him both feared and hated by his former race. The other is ruled by none, save the unquenchable desire to finish what was started; to annihilate the darkness that has escaped the forbidden realm and use whatever means necessary to achieve their goal.

And in the midst of all this, white and black wizards battle both on Earth and in their adopted world; the fey race once known for their beauty and power have fallen prey to unspeakable disease--and their only cure wishes for their destruction. The other races are dying, slowly, encroached by the overflow of magic and the skewed balance of dark and light.

The young man, in addition to battling a devastating affliction of his own is caught between darkness and chaos--belonging to neither, but holds the key to saving both.

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Adult Themes, must be 17 or older to join.

Between Darkness and Chaos will eventually span seven novels, so those intrigued by the premise, the characters and the fictional world should email me or request here to join.